About Us

About Us

Inner Edge Music was founded by Jason Reed and Christina Bearce. As lifelong music lovers and video enthusiasts, Jason and Christina first met when producing public television programs for nonprofits and human service organizations in 2005. Christina is creator and owner of Highlight Media, a full service video production company. In 2009, they covered their first “real” music event, interviewing Frank Black, David J., Kevin Haskins and Michael Penn at a charity event in Los Angeles entitled “Winston Calling.” This event acted as a catalyst, making both realize that it was possible to have some modicum of competency in “talking shop” with musicians they deeply admired and respected (and not completely freaking out when sitting next to one’s musical idols!). First airing on local public television and published on YouTube, these videos began getting a loyal local following. With the rise of social media, “Inner Edge Music” soon blossomed into something with (at times) worldwide exposure.

The mission of Inner Edge Music is simple: to become a dynamic, diverse repository of UNIQUE music-related content (whether it be video interviews, concert reviews, album reviews or episodic television content). As additional momentum and visibility has increased, so to have additional opportunities to bring viewers interesting content. With an episodic television show and music documentaries in the works, Inner Edge Music hopes to continue serving its viewers with content that you won’t find anywhere else.

Jason Reed & Christina Bearce
Inner Edge Music
P.O. Box 4002
San Luis Obispo, CA 93403


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