ALISON MOYET Concert Review (Fillmore)

“Seizing The Day With Alison Moyet”
Written by Jason Reed
September 26, 2017

Last night throngs of fans came out to the Fillmore in San Francisco to see chanteuse and musical legend Alison Moyet perform to a captivated, packed crowd.

2017 has been an eventful year for this prolific, creative genius. Her new album “Other” has garnered positive critical reviews (here’s another one from us you can quote:  “‘Other’ is one of the best albums of the year!”). Her musical style continues to be progressive and forward thinking, with a degree of concerted vision rare in popular music today. One gets the impression that Alison is a musical artist who does not compromise her sense of integrity or musical vision and who continues to invest her energy into trailblazing new paths. Nowhere is this more evident than on her new album. As such, there were high hopes for last tonight’s performance and Alison did not disappoint.

The show started off with her new song “I Germinate,” a sexy, swaggering, throbbing statement of fecundity and sensuality from an artist known for her trademark display of feminine power.

Before diving into the evocative track “Man In The Wings,” Alison commented “I know it’s a classic. They’ll probably like it when I’m dead…this is getting dark. I’m not doing bad drugs…I eat and walk…I don’t mean to be grim…it’s about those people I have a platonic, not romantic relationship with…we’re not going to be going home together but at this moment, this is ours and we’re in love!” Carpe diem indeed. There was very little need to “resurrect the love” in the crowd last night. Because in the hearts and minds of those fans in attendance, the love had never gone away.

Giving fans further insight into her creative process and traversing life’s transformative phases, Alison prefaced her performance of her new track “The Rarest Birds” by commenting “I changed my life a few years back. I dumped my possessions and liberated myself from all the shit I didn’t need…this song celebrates love new and old!”

Other highlights included her performance of her new track “Lover, Go,” a song that effectively channels trip-hop stylings and perhaps stands as a modern (rebranded) reclamation of the classic Yaz track “Don’t Go.” Speaking of which, her performance of that track along with Yaz classics “Nobody’s Diary” and “Situation” further contributed to the enthralling nature of the night. Before the evening was over Alison expressed her gratitude to the audience by confessionally proclaiming how happy she felt to be able to perform in front of the enthralled crowd in a city famous for its celebration of inclusivity and personal expression.

If you have the chance, do yourself a favor and seize the opportunity to see Alison perform during one of her many stops on her current world tour. For official news about upcoming tour dates and to purchase a copy of her stellar new album, check out



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