BRITTA PHILLIPS Interview (Pappy and Harriet’s)

“Britta Unfiltered”
Written by Jason Reed
June 2, 2017

Britta Phillips’s colorful professional career spans over three decades. In 1984 she sang the theme song for the animated icon Jem. She also starred in the 1988 film “Satisfaction” (alongside Justine Bateman and Julia Roberts) and performed on the film’s soundtrack. In the 1990’s Britta played in rock bands Ultrababyfat and the Belltower, further refining her musical skills, styles as a performer and expanding her indie chops as a bassist and vocalist. From 2001 to 2005 she was a member of Dean Wareham’s band Luna (until the band’s disbandment). In 2006 Britta and Dean married and have since enjoyed fruitful, collaborative output under the collective moniker “Dean and Britta.” 2016 saw the release of Britta’s brilliant (and critically lauded) solo album entitled “Luck or Magic.” 

In March of this year I had the chance to see Britta perform at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles in support of Teenage Fanclub (see my interview with Norman Blake here) and was blown away by her stage presence and musicianship. Having never seen her perform before, I was taken back by the beauty of her voice and the soulful resonation that lingered long after she left the stage. I was eager to talk with her in person and, luckily, I had the pleasure of doing so the very next day after her performance at Pappy & Harriet’s (in Pioneertown, California). 

Our in-depth conversation covered a lot of ground, including her colorful career, musical influences and the creative processes that inspire her to manifest her musical vision.

For the latest information on Britta’s projects and upcoming live performances check out Also be sure to check out for information about her collaborative work with her husband. Lastly, be sure to pre-order Luna’s “A Sentimental Education” album and “A Place of Greater Safety” EP at

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