Fall Flood Fest 2015

Fall Flood Fest 2015 took place on Saturday, November 7th in San Luis Obispo. In existence since 2010, the Fest has become one of San Luis Obispo’s most eclectic, annual independent musical events. This year the Fest joined forces with the SLO Record Swap, merging their collective essences to create a Voltron-like creature bigger than the sum of its parts, ready to pummel the forces of musical mediocrity into submission. Yes, the Fall Flood Fest was, indeed, that synergistic. I had the pleasure of talking to festival creator and organizer Carver Cordes (a fine young chap who is always eager to talk to you about his biggest passion in life) about this year’s event and all of the diverse performers gracing the stage. Our “Best of Fall Flood Fest 2015” video features some other standout performances from this year’s event. For more information about the Fest, check out the official Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/Fall.Flood.Festival/

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