Interview with PASCAL from TRANS-X (Canyon Club, Agoura Hills 1/2/2016)

On January 2nd, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Pascal Languirand, avant-garde musician and founder of the influential Hi-NRG band Trans-X. Pascal’s energy was indeed “hi” and it was clear that he was very much looking forward to performing live on stage in front of the packed house.

Pascal talked at length about his childhood in Quebec Canada and being exposed to various influential musicians through his father (who was a radio DJ on the Canadian national Broadcasting system). From wild times with fellow-Canadians Men Without Hats, to living in Spain and traveling the globe, Pascal enjoyed great success with his band Trans-X, selling over 2 million copies of their album and being certified Platinum in Mexico. Pascal has enjoyed a huge amount of support from his Mexican fans and it is there that he currently resides. Pascal also shared other exciting tidbits, including a new documentary being released soon. Perhaps one of the biggest insights from the interview was that the name Trans-X was a direct reference to Kraftwerk’s “Trans Europe Express” and a “tip of the hat” acknowledgment to the huge influence that this pioneering band had on his own musical trajectory.

Pascal’s performance that night was “one for the books.” Pascal certainly brought his A-Game, delivering a knockout show, including a big surprise in the form of Willie Chambers (of the legendary Chambers Brothers) who jumped on stage to sing “Keep It Coming.” Another standout of the night was Pascal’s emotive cover of Joy Division’s “Transmission.”

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