POPTONE Interview (Rio Theatre)

“A New Poptone Tale To Tell”
Written by Jason Reed
June 1, 2017

Like many music fans of my generation, I grew up listening to the inspired output of Tones on Tail, Bauhaus and Love & Rockets in equal measure. Collectively, this music defined my “alt” street credentials like nothing else and gave me a sense of identity that balanced my burgeoning goth aesthetic sensibilities with my desire for music that transcended simple chord structures, pedestrian themes or pre-existing contemporary genres. There was something strangely sophisticated and worldly in the music of Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins. A creative, emotive and contemporary approach to music making that seemed inherently “timeless.” And as the years have gone by, I never thought I’d actually witness a time in which I’d get the opportunity to see the members perform their stellar Tones on Tail repertoire live. Luckily for myself and countless fans, we now have a second chance to witness this musical magic in person. 

I sat down with Daniel, Kevin and Diva (Kevin’s daughter) before their concert at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz, California on May 30. I was eager to talk with all three about the circumstances behind Poptone’s very recent formation, their current whirlwind national tour and their respective childhood musical influences: Clocking in at over 20 minutes, our in-depth discussion covered a great deal of ground, proving that there are indeed many, many new tales to tell.

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