SONDRE LERCHE Interview (Troubadour)

Two Way Dialogue”
Written by Jason Reed

May 30, 2017

Sondre Lerche is that rare breed of male singer/songwriter whose musical skill and ability to alternatingly emote in both a vulnerable and playful manner make him endearingly delicate yet not emasculated. Although I may get derided for engaging in hubris, I’m going to go on record as saying that Sondre is the Bob Dylan of our time, able to adeptly shift creative styles from album to album, catharting his way through life’s travails, bringing his listeners along for the ride and, ultimately, coming out stronger for having ultimately made that transformative journey. Like Dylan, Sondre appears to have a restless spirit, never staying in one place too long. Although originally hailing from the city Brennan in Norway, his musical wanderlust and wayfaring ways make him just as at home in the American traveling bard pantheon.

My personal “relationship” with Sondre’s music goes back 13 years, when I first heard his stellar “Two Way Monologue” album. I was going through a particularly rough patch in my life (bad relationship, existential doubts, etc.) and I vividly recall playing this cd on repeat for a good part of a month during those pensive days. All these years later “Two Way Monologue”  still retains its rightful place on my “desert island” list as its depth and diversity would serve anyone well over sleepless nights, introspective afternoons under the sun or pensive sunrises cracking open coconuts. As I’ve acquired and listened to his burgeoning discography over the years, I’ve been taken back by the skill in which he navigates various genres (whether it be jazz, brasilia, ballads and straight forward rock ‘n roll).

2017 is a particularly eventful time for Sondre and his fans. His recently released album (“Pleasure”) is a creative and rewarding departure from the musical styles that have characterized his past releases, with electronic and experimental stylings aplenty. It feels contemporary without pandering to any du jour trends. It also exhibits its fair share of much deserved sensuality, especially after the more introspective and  somewhat ruminating vibe of his 2014 “Please” album (released after his divorce). Clearly, Sondre is imbued with life, with no signs of slowing down. To once again use the Dylan analogy, “Pleasure” is Sondre’s version of when Mr. Zimmerman took a creative risk in picking up an electric guitar for the first time. The shift may be jarring to fans of Sondre’s early work, but this change in tone will assuredly be appreciated when looked at  from a larger perspective of his overall successful  musical trajectory.

It was surreal getting to finally meet (and interview) Sondre before his concert at the Troubadour Theatre in Los Angeles on May 4th and the insights gained from our talk did not disappoint. Here is our full interview for your viewing pleasure:

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