THE ZOMBIES Concert Review (Fremont Theater)

“The Infectious Sound Of The Zombies”
Written by Jason Reed
September 15, 2018

On Thursday the legendary Zombies took the stage at the Fremont Theater in San Luis Obispo, California, bringing a fresh take on their extensive canon of memorable tunes from their nearly five decades as a band.

With long time members Rod Argent and Colin Blundstone at the helm, the five piece band displayed the freshness, lyrical sharpness, and infectiousness that The Zombies are known for. With Blundstone providing the majority of vocals, Argent also demonstrated his vocal chops on many of the band’s most memorable songs while also demonstrating his dexterous keyboard and organ playing abilities. The fact that Rod was originally the group’s lead singer (and had conceded this role to Blundstone early in the band’s career as Argent’s keyboard skills became a critical factor in defining the iconic sound of the band) was apparent throughout the night.

Highlights of the evening included  their classic lovelorn track “I Love You” (that received a standing ovation from the audience) as well as their performance of multiple songs off of their classic Odessey and Oracle album (regarded by music critics as one of the greatest rock albums of all time). Colin referenced Paul Weller’s professed love of this watershed album as his favorite album of all time and mentioned the Modfather’s apparent penchant for purchasing the album as a gift for individuals who don’t have it in their record collection. Colin then jokingly stated that he’d give the crowd Mr. Weller’s address so they, too, can request a copy! Another surprise of the night was the band’s performance of the feel good prog anthem “Hold Your Head Up” from the band Argent’s 1973 album In Deep.

If there is one word that accurately sums up the feelings of this reviewer it is “gratitude.” Gratitude to be able to see such a legendary band perform live. Gratitude to hear such a diverse selection of hits performed live. Gratitude that Rod and Colin are each still making music together at the spry age of 73 (and hopefully continue to do so for many years to come).

If you consider yourself a music fan you owe it to yourself to see this band perform live. The Zombies have inspired countless bands through the decades. Nominated in 2017 for the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, it is inevitable that The Zombies will ultimately be immortalized in the canon of the greatest rock bands of all time. You, too, can be infected by this contagious and communicable musical phenomenon that defies inoculation.

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