Interview with Dick Lucas

I recently interviewed one of my punk rock idols, Dick Lucas of the Subhumans. I know that saying “punk rock idol” is antithetical to everything that the art form stands for, but I digress. I vividly recall the first time I heard the Subhumans in high school when a friend made me a mixtape. Walking around town with a Walkman and headphones, listening to tracks like “Peroxide” and “Religious Wars” shaped an impressionable teenager’s awareness of political concepts of social stratification, animal rights and imperialism. Fast forward 25 years. Here I was talking firsthand with Dick, getting to ask him questions my teenage self never would have believed I’d have a chance to ask. It was a strangely surreal experience, one of which I am extremely grateful for. Dick is an awesome, approachable guy, very down to earth, yet articulate about the issues he feels passionate about. For more information on the band, upcoming tours and side projects, check out:

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