GLENN FREY (1948-2016)

We are sad to announce the passing of another beloved musician this week. Glenn Frey, founding member of the seminal 70’s rock band the Eagles has died today at the age of 67 due to a combination of various medical ailments.

Like many children of the 80’s, I grew up listening to Glenn’s iconic anthems being featured front and center in movies and TV. Who can forget “The Heat is On” as the energetic title track in Eddie Murphy’s “Beverly Hills Cop” or “You Belong to the City” being featured on “Miami Vice.”  It was only years later that I became accustomed to his work with the Eagles, learning that he co-wrote “Best of My Love,” “Hotel California,” and other huge hits. You can’t talk about the “California sound” of the 70’s without referencing his huge influence. Although panned by many critics for his simple and (at times) derivative musical stylings and lyrics, there is no denying the significant influence this gentleman had on modern music.

RIP Glenn Frey

Jason Reed                                                                                                                                               Inner Edge Music

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