THE MUFFS Interview (Whisky A Go Go)


In their purest form, there’s something about three-piece rock bands that I, more often than not, gravitate towards, like a moth to flame. I think it’s the trifecta of members, and the balance of composite elements lending themselves to a scenario in which each member must give his or her proverbial “110%” in order for the band to maintain healthy symbiosis. A three legged stool, whose balance would be quickly deregulated by the absence of any one component. The Muffs is such a perfect blend of threesome goodness without any superfluous filler.

My first exposure to the band was in 1995 when their “Blonder and Blonder” album was released. At the time I worked at a record store and remember seeing the album cover and being intrigued the three faces adorning it, sparking my interest in listening further. Since that time, I’ve been a huge admirer of the band and its respective members’ creative output. To say the members of the Muffs have been busy in recent years would be a major understatement, the largest development perhaps being Kim Shattuck’s stint as a member of the Pixies a few years ago after the departure of original bassist and member Kim Deal.

At the Whisky A Go Go on September 9th, the band performed an energetic set of  songs (more than a few of which were new and from their as yet unreleased upcoming album) before an enthralled crowd. To my surprise, I was standing right next to Kim’s brother and husband, both of whom were lovingly pointed out by Kim during the show. In addition to Kim’s evocative vocal stylings and guitar playing, Ronnie offered up a lively and energetic performance, while Roy’s percussion was tight and impressive.

As the interview began it quickly became clear just how amicable the members of the Muffs all are. Their sense of humor, mixed with a healthy dose of self-deprecation and playfulness made for a fun, organic interview in which I abandoned many of my “pre-planned questions” to flow with the natural current of the larger conversation that was filled with refreshing anecdotes and hidden gems (including the “world premiere” announcement of the band performing alongside the Bangles later this year!). Like some of my favorite interviews I’ve done through the years with musicians, this experience felt like I was sitting down with other fellow music lovers sharing our shared passions and interests.

Thanks to Kim, Robbie, Ron, the Dickies, Tessa and the staff at the Whiskey for making it a very special evening that I will long remember.

For more info about the Muffs and their upcoming projects check out their official Facebook page here.

Jason Reed
Inner Edge Music

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