Interview with The Ocean Blue

On Sunday November 14, Inner Edge Music had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Dave and Oed from The Ocean Blue. The guys talked about their 5 leg national tour to promote the vinyl reissues of their first three albums (Cerulean and Beneath the Rhythm and Sound having never been released on lp previously). Dave and Oed also discussed their early musical influences and guilty pleasures. Your intrepid interviewer also introduced a crazy theory connecting the aesthetics of their music videos with the likes of other great, classic artists Echo &The Bunnymen, the Stone Roses and Morrissey. David also revealed that their concerts will be featuring an array of surprise guests. When pressed for a hint, David displayed a glimmer of his professional discretion and confidentiality (a valuable trait for an attorney!) and remained tight-lipped. The reaction from the audience later in the evening indicated that “good things come to those who wait.” If you want to see what awesome musician graced the stage, check out the interview below. For more information about The Ocean Blue check out their official page at:

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