Interview with ZACH YUDIN of CAYUCAS (Cayucos Vet’s Hall, 1/9/2016)

Opening for Surfer Blood, Cayucas actually ran the risk of upstaging the headliner. Whether it was through the band’s onslaught of  breezy seaside lyricism or catchy narcotic hooks, the audience absorbed it voraciously. If physical proximity implies a desire for closer intimacy, then the audience that stood a few feet away from the band (sans stage or artificial barrier) was about ready to have sexual intercourse with these lads.

Despite a hectic touring scheduling, Zack from Cayucas was gracious enough to join me in the kitchen (yes, you read that right) at the Cayucos Vet’s Hall on Saturday January 9th.

This was the first ever “official indoor concert” that the band had performed in the city that inspired their name (they performed an outdoor benefit two years ago to support the rebuilding of the Cayucos pier). (insert photo)  As such, it was with deep relevance and historic precedence that it was here that we actually got to talk about the band’s prolific run of studio albums as well as their most recently produced music video for the song “Hella“.

Zach also shared insights about his Central Coast roots as an undeclared undergraduate student at the local state university, Cal Poly, while going on to talk about some of his early influences (hint: they involve Weezer and classic 90’s era hip-hop). We also got some family insights from Zach about what it’s like to put out creative content alongside his twin brother, Ben, and the similarities and creative differences that come with sharing such genetic homogeneity.

One thing of note: Inner Edge Music’s own Christina Bearce (cameraperson and owner of Highlight Media) liked the band’s music so much that she insisted on delaying the interview until after she was able to make it over to the busy merch booth to purchase one of Cayucas’ albums! If Christina likes your albums, then you’ve definitely got something going ‘cuz this girl has discerning musical tastes, to say the least!

Cayucas are a great band. Highly recommend.

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