LUSH Concert Review (9/25/16, Fonda)

“Sweetness and Lush”

On Sunday September 25th, 2016, I had the pleasure of seeing Lush perform at the Fonda Theatre. The evening’s performance was sonic bliss. Miki’s voice was just as angelic as the band’s studio albums would demonstrate. Phil’s bass playing and laid back, Jim Jarmusch-like appearance projected an air of confidence and focus. Emma’s humble yet consistency provided the connecting threads that kept the tapestry of Lush woven together. Lastly, Justin’s thunderous drumming propelled the band throughout their set. The adoring crowd eagerly absorbed every last note, beat and syllable that they were privy to.

In between songs, Miki made a loving reference to her mother (who little known fact, was a bond girl) who has apparently been in attendance for all of their Los Angeles shows this year. Miki also dipped her feet in the waters of contemporary American politics and humorously referred to presidential candidate Donald Trump as the “biggest cunt in the world”.

The audience was treated to a diverse array of songs from throughout the bands career, as well as not one but two encores! Highlights included “Sweetness & Light”, “De-luxe” along with fan favorite and anti-misogynistic anthem “Ladykillers”.

After the concert, I (along with many other loyal fans) had the pleasure of briefly meeting Miki, Emma, Phil and Justin. I hadn’t stood in line for hours during Record Store Day for nothing and I was determined to get all of the records in my “Origami” box set autographed! Mission accomplished. Despite appearing on KCRW’s “Morning Becomes Eclectic” (which will host the band’s first live US radio performance in 20 years), they were nice enough to take time to greet the fans.

I had the chance to meet the legendary William Reid from Jesus and Mary Chain fame who was also in attendance.

From start to finish, this night was an experience I will never forget. Don’t pass up the opportunity to see them.

Jason Reed
Inner Edge Music



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