M.D.C. Interview (Camozzi’s Bar)

“MDC: Much Dictor Conversation” 

I recently had the chance to “run up” on punk rock legend Dave Dictor before his performance at Camozzi’s Bar in Atascadero, California where Dave was kind enough to hangout for a while to chat outside, despite his busy schedule.

I’ve always been intrigued by Dave’s legacy within the punk rock pantheon. Unlike other punk rock contemporaries and icons such as Jello Biafra and Henry Rollins, Dictor’s lyrics indicated a certain confessional vulnerability that I find particularly endearing.

I was also very excited to get to talk to Dave about his recently published autobiography entitled “Memoirs of A Damaged Civilization,” that has received very positive reviews. Stay tuned for my full book review to be posted soon.

Whether through his continued advocacy for LGBTQ rights, his promotion of vegetarianism and animal rights or his rallying against police brutality, the world needs Dave Dictor now more than ever.

To get the latest updates on Dave’s projects and upcoming tours check out www.mdc-punk.com.

Jason Reed
Inner Edge Music



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