MEN WITHOUT HATS Interview (Lake Forest Recreation Center)

“Long Chat With A Man Without A Hat”

I recently had the chance to sit down with Ivan Doroschuck from Men Without Hats at a concert in Southern California commemorating the anniversary of the City of Lake Forest.

Like most music fans of my generation, I was very familiar with Ivan’s musical output from the 1980’s and his consistently approachable and compelling electro pop and dance aesthetic sensibilities. In addition to his musical prowess, Ivan also has a very contemplative, intellectual side. As a student of mass communications at McGill University in Canada, Ivan has referenced in past interviews his opinions on pop culture and the media and how such forces can be oppressive and yet, in the best of cases, liberating. In December of 2015 I had interviewed Pascal Languirand of Trans-X (see interview here) in which Pascal fondly referenced the formative years of hanging out with Ivan and other musical colleagues who were part of the Montreal DIY music scene in Canada in the late 70’s and early 80’s. It was with these intriguing tidbits and questions in hand that I sought out Ivan for further elucidation.

I greatly appreciated Ivan sharing his insights and thoughts and very much look forward to seeing what this creative mind bestows upon the world with future musical projects.

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