ROBYN HITCHCOCK Interview (Largo at the Coronet)

“Holy Interview, Robyn!” 
Written by Jason Reed

Robyn Hitchcock is one of those very rare lyricists and musicians who can evoke a multitude of differing emotions within the same song. Despite being molded by British literary influences along with the transcendent aesthetics of 60’s psychedelia, there is also something deeply proletarian about Robyn, with his working-class sensibilities and themes concerning the often absurd and surreal aspects of resigned domesticated existence.

Ever since his early work with the Soft Boys, and continuing to this day with no sign of deceleration, Hitchcock has been an artist who defies convention. Punk, busker, poet… Robyn has been all of these things. As cinematically demonstrated in filmmaker Jonathan Demme’s excellent “Storefront Hitchcock,” Robyn has always been able to adapt to interacting with audiences in a multitude of creative, organic ways.  Having had the pleasure of personally seeing him perform in various intimate venues over the years, I’ve witnessed this adaptability firsthand.

Given my deep fascination with Robyn’s work, it would be an understatement to say that I had many questions eagerly prepared for the interview. Much to my surprise, I was able to pose each and every one, as Robyn generously and expertly shared his insights over the course of the 35 minutes of the interview. So sit back, brew a cup of Earl Grey tea, and bask in the wonder that is Robyn Hitchcock:

Thanks again to Robyn for sitting down with us and giving us a deeper understanding (and, in turn, appreciation) of his continued brilliance.

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UPDATE: Robyn is currently touring the U.S. West Coast and Northern Hemisphere. Be sure to check him out live during one of his many upcoming live shows. We guarantee you won’t regret it! 














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