The music world has lost another legend today. Blowfly (aka Clarence Reid), the creative, raunchy button-pusher of modern day, uptight sensibilities has passed away due to terminal liver cancer and multiple organ failure at the age of 76.

Many years ago I came across a Blowfly album that I purchased due to the sheer eye-grabbing nature of its cover. Once that record hit my turntable and the needle hit the groove, my mind was blown and has never been the same since.
Blowfly - Electronic Banana 1984

At the time, I had no comprehension of the sheer creative output this man had been responsible for. I falsely thought he was an obscure novelty act. Little did I know how staggering his musical legacy was, with 29 albums to his credit, with another due next month.

In the ensuing years I voraciously consumed everything Blowfly, listening to his albums, watching his interviews on YouTube and more recently seeing the excellent documentary about his life entitled “The Weird World of Blowfly.” This humanistic documentary portrayed the highs and lows of this performer, showcasing his financial struggles, personal challenges and unfulfilled dreams. Sad, funny and inspirational, it’s probably the best primer for the uninitiated.

I also have heard countless musicians (particularly those of the comedic variety) reference Blowfly’s huge influence as a visionary whose candid and lustful characterizations of modern relationships and sexuality set him apart from those around him who were too serious or repressed to openly talk about such topics. Blowfly was definitely a trailblazer and will be greatly missed. RIP

For more information about this legend, check out the official website at:

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