DAVID BOWIE (1947-2016)

We here at Inner Edge Music would like to send our condolences to friends, family and fans across the globe for the untimely passing of one of our biggest musical idols, Mr. David Bowie (aka David Robert Jones) who succumbed to his battle with cancer today. We were just contacted a few minutes ago with the devastating news.

Tears stream down from our cheeks right now as we post this. David just released his new album two days ago. Last month, when interviewing Martha Davis and Marty Jourard from the Motels, we all talked about the potential for catching David on a possible upcoming U.S. tour. Martha herself addressed David directly during our interview, congratulating him on his recent music video for “Blackstar” and communicating her hope in meeting with him during one of their upcoming concerts. It was with such optimism that we all looked forward to 2016 being the year of David’s resurgence on the music scene, with the lofty aspiration of possibly even getting to see him in concert. This was one of my biggest unfulfilled concert-going “bucket list” items and I’m still reeling with the realization that I will never actually have the chance to see one my idols perform live on stage.

Words cannot express what a loss this is to music lovers everywhere. David is one for the ages, a timeless individual whose music will, no doubt, live on in perpetuity. Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, the White Duke…..whatever name you chose to call him, David was many things to many people. We here at Inner Edge Music call him one of our biggest inspirations.
We love you David. Rest in Peace, good sir.
Jason Reed
Inner Edge Music

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