STONEFIELD Interview (Starry Nites Festival)

“Fielding Questions with Stonefield”
by Jason Reed
April 8, 2017

On day 2 of the Starry Nites Festival, in between interviews with Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub and headliner Alan Parsons, I had the pleasure of interviewing Amy and Hannah from Australian psych band Stonefield. Only days earlier at the Echo in Los Angeles, I had seen Stonefield open for the legendary Meat Puppets. Their live set was a delicious, hearty stew of skilled musicianship, youthful, feminine energy and raw power stirred to perfection. They stood out as something precious and unique. Given the positive impression they made on me, I was determined to catch up with them for an interview to learn more about this intriguing group.

Right after taking the stage, Amy and Hannah sat down to chat. I was eager to ask them about their ascension in the Australian (and more recently, international) music scene, their influences and their current experiences on tour.

Having seen them perform twice now, I can confidently say that Stonefield is one of those bands whose live performances match (or even exceed) their studio recordings. True musicians, not encumbered by the trappings of overproduction, their music is compelling and resonate, complex yet accessible.  Mark my words, these young sisters are going to go on to make an indelible mark in the music scene in the years to come.  I guarantee it.

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